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middle grade novel;
The first Earthling YZ, a youthful would be educator from a distant planet, meets is a dog. Being pure energy, YZ enters the dog's body to begin his task of teaching Earthlings how to love each other and preserve their planet. Scolded by the Director for entering a dog instead of a human, YZ has to remain in the animal's body until it dies. Thereafter he is able to enter various human bodies in his quest to direct them on how to live well. Though he has some successes, he feels like a failure and begs to return to his own planet. Once there, he advises the Directors on the quality of Earthlings. But what is he to do next? The new task he sets for himself could surprise and delight young readers..
middle grade sci fi
Corey bonds with a beautiful but lame Arabian horse she names Handsome. He not only helps alleviate her loneliness, but encourages the autistic brother of Corey's school friend to speak. When Corey's parents separate, her father moves her to a small house on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona where she must attend a new school for the last weeks of eighth grade. Corey finds making friends difficult. However, there is a small pasture behind the fence in her new backyard. There she could keep Handsome if she could persuade the old man who owns the pasture to let her use it. Her parents reunite, and just when it seem Handsome will become the birthday present Corey longs for, another obstacle appears. Handsome damages himself further when he balks at climbing into a horse trailer. Only Corey's determination makes a happy ending possible. to do next? The new task he sets for himself could surprise and delight young readers..
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Boys had carved her beautiful older sister's name on the dock along with theirs many times,and both her friends' names were there. Would a boy ever care enough for Emily to inscribe hers for anyone to see?
Wally is angry at his older brother for dying. How is he going to learn to skate board without him?
How can a twelve year old boy coax a little girl out of her grief at losing her mother? Maybe magic and the beach will help her.
It's hard for a boy like Eddie with a mild case of cerebral palsy to deal with a bully until he gets a blue-winged dragon to help him.
Is it more important to win a tennis match or keep a friendship?
A novel about a wonderful horse, interesting new friends, and a first romance.
When her little brother's Korean big sister arrives, Caitlin finds herself in competition for his love and respect.
Willie can't please his perfectionist father and Booboo his dog gets him in trouble, but Marla, the new girl, has worse problems, and Willie would like to help her.
Jessica denies that her beloved father is dead until she revisits the home where they once lived.
Y.A. best book of year published
Are there clues to her mother's mental breakdown in the fairy tales her mother told Kelly about the shell ladies?

C. S. Adler, Children's Book Author

I moved to Tucson, Arizona in 1996 after spending most of my life in upstate New York. I was a sixth and eighth grade English teacher in Niskayuna's middle schools for nearly a decade before becoming a full time children's book author in 1979 when my first book, MAGIC OF THE GLITS, was published.

I am a passionate tennis player, grandmother, reader, and nature lover. In the winter, my home is the desert in the foothills of the Catalina Mountains. In the summer, I live by the sand and sea of Cape Cod.

Many of my books have been on state lists and have been published in Japan, Germany, England, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and France. THE MAGIC OF THE GLITS won both the William Allen White Award and the Golden Kite Award. THE SHELL LADY'S DAUGHTER was chosen by the A.L.A. as a best young adult book of 1983. WITH WESTIE AND THE TIN MAN won the children's Book Award of the Child Study Committee in 1986. SPLIT SISTERS in 1987 and GHOST BROTHER in 1991 were I.R.A. Children's Choices selections. ONE SISTER TOO MANY was on the 1991 Young Adults' Choices list. ALWAYS AND FOREVER FRIENDS and EDDIE'S BLUE WINGED DRAGON were on a 1991 I.R.A. 99 Favorite Paperbacks list. In 2001 ONE UNHAPPY HORSE won the A.S.P.C.A. children's book award.

My most recently published books are: HANDSOME, THE HORSE NEXT DOOR and SAVING EARTH PLANET (the latter is my first sci fi book for middle grades.)

Some people say writing is hard. For me it has always been a pleasure.

The Directors of a planet in another galaxy of our universe are concerned that Earth is destroying itself. They decide to send someone to educate Earthlings on how to preserve their environment, stop fighting each other and start loving each other. Young, impulsive YZ offers to go.

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The beautiful white Arabian stallion in the field behind the run down house Dad has bought becomes Corey's best friend. He is her only friend until the loneliness she suffers from her parents separation is relieved by Amy, a school friend whose autistic brother also develops a relationship to Handsome. The problem is the horse's owner has plans that will take him out of Corey's reach.

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Here is a moving intergenerational story, set in Arizona, about the friendship that develops between twelve-year-old Jan and Mattie, an elderly resident of a nearby assisted-living facility. Jan’s beloved horse, Dove, needs surgery on one of his legs, but money’s been extremely tight since Dad died, and Mom may not be able to afford the operation. The situation seems hopeless—until Mattie offers to help with a loan. But what will Mattie’s daughter think of her generous offer to a girl she just met?

I've always loved horses, and since moving out west, I've enjoyed writing about them. THAT HORSE WHISKEY, MORE THAN A HORSE, and more recently, ONE UNHAPPY HORSE all have equine creatures as main characters. ONE UNHAPPY HORSE got a five star rating from readrs. And a quote from School Library Journal by Carol Schene of Taunton Public Schools in Massachusetts says, "Once again Adler has written a well-paced story with interesting and mostly sympathetic characters."

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For a year, Tess has been trying to get used to her new stepfamily, but it just isn’t working. When a school project that she labored over is accidentally destroyed by her stepsister, and her dad and stepmom don’t seem to care at all, Tess has finally had it. She decides to run away and go live with her mom on the other side of Tucson. On the long walk there she acquires an unexpected companion: a gray-striped cat that follows her along the desert road. But nothing goes as planned after Tess and the cat finally reach Mom’s condo. Her mother seems more concerned with herself than with Tess, and she has a definite aversion to cats. Luckily for Tess, her new feline companion proves to be a reassuring presence as she struggles to face some difficult truths about herself and her family.

Readers have given THE NO PLACE CAT five stars on the rating.
Quoting from a School Library Journal review by Genevieve Gallagher of the N.Y. Public Library, "This is an engaging story about what happens when families change and how too much freedom can make a child feel lonely."

If you are between 7-11 years old, please read my story, GOOD LUCK BONGO on the CRITIQUE THIS STORY page and tell me what you think of it.
Thank you,those of you who found typos, and thank you, those of you who complimented the story. You made me feel good.

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The MAGIC OF THE GLITS., Inc. 2000

Jeremy's got a broken leg and a sad orphan girl living in his summer cottage on the ocean beach in Cape Cod. He'd rather be playing baseball, but instead he sets out to cheer up seven year old Lynette, who's moping about and making him feel very sorry for her. The magical creatures he invents to entertain her seem so real that she believes in them, and therein lies the key to her recovery.

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GHOST BROTHER. Clarion Books/​Houghton Mifflin Co., 1990

Wally's older brother, Jon-o, was everything that Wally isn't - daring a good athlete, and very popular. Wally can't quite forgive Jon-o for getting himself killed and depriving Wally of his guidance. Now Jon-o's ghost has come to help him try exciting new things - just what Wally needs, at least for a while.

THE NO PLACE CAT. Clarion Books/​Houghton Mifflin Co. 2002

Twelve year old Tess is so frustrated by the rules she's expected to live with in her father and stepmother's home that she runs away to stay with her mother instead. The trouble is, Mom is a free spirit and living with her isn't easy either. Besides, a homeless cat adopts Tess and neither her mother nor her father will allow a cat in the house. Fighting for a pet she didn't think she wanted, Tess learns some difficult truths.

Recently Published Novels

ONE UNHAPPY HORSE. Clarion/​Houghton Mifflin Co. 2001

The love of Jan's life is her horse, Dove, but Dove needs an operation and with Dad gone, Mom can't afford to pay for it. Then Jan is befriended by Mattie, who lives in the assisted-living house that was once Jan's home. But what can a lonely old woman and a needy girl do to help each other?