Selected Current Works

middle grade novel;
The first Earthling YZ, a youthful would be educator from a distant planet, meets is a dog. Being pure energy, YZ enters the dog's body to begin his task of teaching Earthlings how to love each other and preserve their planet. Scolded by the Director for entering a dog instead of a human, YZ has to remain in the animal's body until it dies. Thereafter he is able to enter various human bodies in his quest to direct them on how to live well. Though he has some successes, he feels like a failure and begs to return to his own planet. Once there, he advises the Directors on the quality of Earthlings. But what is he to do next? The new task he sets for himself could surprise and delight young readers..
middle grade sci fi
Corey bonds with a beautiful but lame Arabian horse she names Handsome. He not only helps alleviate her loneliness, but encourages the autistic brother of Corey's school friend to speak. When Corey's parents separate, her father moves her to a small house on the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona where she must attend a new school for the last weeks of eighth grade. Corey finds making friends difficult. However, there is a small pasture behind the fence in her new backyard. There she could keep Handsome if she could persuade the old man who owns the pasture to let her use it. Her parents reunite, and just when it seem Handsome will become the birthday present Corey longs for, another obstacle appears. Handsome damages himself further when he balks at climbing into a horse trailer. Only Corey's determination makes a happy ending possible. to do next? The new task he sets for himself could surprise and delight young readers..
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Boys had carved her beautiful older sister's name on the dock along with theirs many times,and both her friends' names were there. Would a boy ever care enough for Emily to inscribe hers for anyone to see?
Wally is angry at his older brother for dying. How is he going to learn to skate board without him?
How can a twelve year old boy coax a little girl out of her grief at losing her mother? Maybe magic and the beach will help her.
It's hard for a boy like Eddie with a mild case of cerebral palsy to deal with a bully until he gets a blue-winged dragon to help him.
Is it more important to win a tennis match or keep a friendship?
A novel about a wonderful horse, interesting new friends, and a first romance.
When her little brother's Korean big sister arrives, Caitlin finds herself in competition for his love and respect.
Willie can't please his perfectionist father and Booboo his dog gets him in trouble, but Marla, the new girl, has worse problems, and Willie would like to help her.
Jessica denies that her beloved father is dead until she revisits the home where they once lived.
Y.A. best book of year published
Are there clues to her mother's mental breakdown in the fairy tales her mother told Kelly about the shell ladies?